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Sponsor a child with Hope and Light

Many of the children at the Hope and Light Nursery school or their Primary school can only benefit from the support and education they receive there because of the generosity of a  sponsor, whether from the UK at £25 per month, Germany at €30 per month, South Africa at 300 Rand per month, or several other countries elsewhere in the world.

Initially the sponsorship enables ‘your’ child to attend the Hope and Light Nursery School, where children between the ages of 3 and 7 learn about basic hygiene which may be difficult to achieve when growing up in a small shack, usually shared with 7 or 8 other family members. The children in the crèche are encouraged to develop curiosity to discover new things, as well as perseverance and people skills in their dealings with playmates and siblings.

Your sponsorship funds the following during the child’s time at the crèche, until they are  ready to enter the Primary school:-

  • Food for all the meals provided for the children

  • Salaries of the Nursery School staff

  • Educational games and teaching resources

  • Excursions and outings


When your sponsored child progresses to the Hope and Light Primary school, your monthly donation is channelled directly into a Trust account, to be used to pay for school fees, meals, necessary school uniforms and study materials.

There may sometimes be special individual circumstances which may lead to the premature end of a sponsorship commitment, such as the child’s family moving away from the area. In such cases, we will inform the sponsor of the development, for them to decide whether to continue with the sponsorship of another child, or to terminate their donations.

 Otherwise, in normal circumstances, the sponsorship will continue until it ends with one of  the following events:-

  • Graduation from Primary school, and the start of an apprenticeship

  • Graduation from High School, and entering employment

  • Graduation from University study



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