Hope and Light Nursery School

It was a big day for the whole village of Sir Lowry’s Pass when Ons Speelnessie was re-opened on March 12th 2004.

Years of neglect had left the old nursery school derelict and unable to function. Beginning with 40 children, the numbers dramatically increased to 70 within the first few months. After extensive enlargements were made to the existing building, it now accommodates 150 Boys and Girls aged 3 – 6 years. This time spent at Ons Speelnessie is for many children the most
carefree years of their lives.











Under the capable leadership of Chrizell Jafza, her teachers and their aids instruct the little ones in their activities, trying to instil curiosity to discover new things, as well as basic hygiene, perserverance and people’s skills in dealing with playmates and siblings.

Ons Speelnessie is Afrikaans for

"We all need Love"

So we painted it on the wall at the entrance to the creche

Hope and Light (UK)                      01603-412944

email:-  admin@hopeandlight.org.uk

UK Registered Charity number 1141782

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