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Hope and Light Primary School

In 2010 Hope and Light were very concerned that the children who moved on from their crèche to the local Primary school in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village actually fell back in their learning. The state schools have grossly overcrowded classes, sometimes as many as 50 or 60 in each class, disheartened teachers and massive shortages of equipment, teaching materials, text books and even basic stationery. These deprived African children, most of whose native language is either Xhosa or Zulu, are taught all of their lessons in Afrikaans – they are only taught English in one or two English lessons each week in the state Primary school. In the crèche they are taught entirely in English.

So, in 2010 Hope and Light started it’s own Christian Primary school, with 25 children from the crèche forming the First Grade. 6 years later, we now have 6 grades of children, each with not more than 27 in a class. We continue to provide breakfast and lunch, and transport in our own School Bus to and from school, all forming part of a complete support package at the school. Our aim is simply for the children to have all the advantages that a good education can offer.

School in Mobile Classrooms 2016
Children at their desks
The Hope and Light School Bus
Children queing to get on the school bus
Children showing their Children's Bibles


The children are taught in English, as this will be the most beneficial for their future lives, and will be of enormous help when they leave school and seek employment in the tourist area in which they live.

Our Hope and Light Primary school offers a wide range of after-care activities, including classes in the Arts, Crafts and Sports. The needs of children with special educational needs are being addressed in a Remedial Class.  

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