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Hope and Light Community Welfare was established in 2003 with the aim of supporting needy children living in shacks in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village in South Africa.  The aim was to achieve broad, sustained improvement in their educational opportunities through Kindergarten and School Sponsorships. This work continues today.


Hope and Light was registered in 2004 as a non-profit-organization in South Africa, and is a Christian charity aiming to teach the children about the love of the Lord Jesus for them, and not only ministering to their physical needs but their spiritual needs too..

Hope and Light Germany was registered In January 2005 as a non-profit-organization with the German charitable authorities.

Hope and Light ( UK ) was recognised in the UK as a small charity in 2009, and registered with the Charity Commission in England in 2011. Dianne and Paul Cruickshank are the founders of the UK charity, which currently has 6 Trustees.

Find out more about Hope and Light in South Africa at

Our Aims

To provide food and education for children living in shacks

in Sir Lowry's Pass Village near Cape Town in South Africa.

Through our various projects we are trying to ensure that some of the deprived children in South Africa grow up in a society free from misery, abuse and violence.


We aim to empower them to overcome poverty and prejudice and to achieve an independent, successful adulthood. Our “Children’s Village” particularly seeks to help children exposed to disadvantages even greater than economic poverty, such as sexual abuse and abandonment.

In the UK, we work to raise funds to support the ongoing projects in South Africa. Our primary aim is to find sponsors for individual children living in shanty houses in Sir Lowry's Pass Village. The sponsorship funds are invaluable in enabling the support, education, and feeding of the child throughout their time in the care of Hope and Light. 

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